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I'm Katt!

I’m Katt! I’ve always had a love for hair, starting all the way back when I was 7, when I asked for the Barbie-Fashionista Styling Head ™️. She was my first cut and color client and she got the rock star haircut of my dreams!  Now that I’m older and I’ve learned the secrets of the trade, I’m ready to give you the cut and color of YOUR dreams!


Around the face cleanup:

Beard Trim:

Kids Cut:

Dry Cut:

Wet Cut: 

Grey Blending:

Toning Service:


All Over Color: 

Money Piece Highlights: 

Top Highlights: 

Half Head:

All Over Highlights:


Platinum Card:

Wash/Blow dry:

Hot Tool Style: 


Feed In Braids:

Styling Class

Extensions Consultation:






$60 ($25 deposit)


$100 ($25 deposit)

$120 ($25 deposit)

$80 ($25 deposit)

$110 ($50deposit)

$140 ($50deposit)

$175 ($50deposit)

$200 ($50deposit)

$300 ($50deposit)




$25.00 Deposit Required 


Price Varies 


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