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Hi, I'm Natalie!

Art was the first true love in my life and it always has been since I can even remember. Ever since that day I have dedicated myself to exploring all forms art and if you’re creative enough you find ways to see art in everything you do. There are so many beautiful ways to express your art.


Currently I showcase my primary form of art through hair, however, having my Bachelors degree in Fine Art and Fashion Design I also draw, paint, and do fashion design in my spare time. With experience utilizing so many different forms of art I feel it has truly equipped me to have a unique perspective on hair and taught me how to view it as a true art form.


My hair career started at Paul Mitchell where I was the only student to completely finish the honors program and graduated at the top of my class. Follow my licensing, I apprenticed for a year and half under some of the top stylist in Denver. Within my apprenticeship is when I realized the lack of curl knowledge within the beauty industry and all I wanted to do was be a part of that change. That is why I find it crucial to keep attending furthering educational classes no matter how long you have been in the industry. With that being said that is why I prefer to work with an apprentice so I can provide them all the education I barely had any access to.


I have dedicated every ounce of my being to better understand all that comes with working on curls. From styling, cutting and coloring techniques, but most importantly understanding all that my curly clients have been through with their salon experiences to the systemic racism put on textured hair. What I strive most for is to have people love, appreciate, and be accepted for their natural textured hair.


This combination of creativity, passion, and immense dedication to my craft has only enforced my absolute love for this industry. I am always looking to learn and grow to better serve my community. My biggest goals in this industry are creating a safe place for all walks of life and producing the beautiful hair each and everyone one of you deserves.



- First Time Curly Cut

- Curls on the go 

- Curl refresh 

- Straight haircut 

- Maintenance trim 

Color Services

- eyebrow tint

- Toners 

- Root retouch 

- All over color 

- Face framing highlight or balayage

- Partial highlight or balayage 

- Full highlight or balayage 

- Color correction













$150 an hour


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